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 1v1 contest rules.

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PostSubject: 1v1 contest rules.   Mon Jan 21, 2008 1:01 pm

1 ) map: 6.49c
2 ) mode arshomnp (all random, same hero, only mid, no powerups(runes))
3 ) winner will be the one who destroyes throne/tree, or enemy forfeit(surrend)
4 ) starting gold will be like in 5v5
5 ) tour will have 32 players
6 ) tour will have some referees(4-6)
7 ) if some1 has lagg problems, he CAN rmk in 1st 10 min of game, after that game cant be rmked
8 ) if some1 disconect game will be rmked
9 ) host will be 1 with best connection, or neutral host
10 ) no items/hero restrictions
11 ) any kind of cheating, will be punished with disqualification

Go register in other thread. Good luck have fun.
I hope we will have players for this.
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1v1 contest rules.
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