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 2v2 Apomnp Rules

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PostSubject: 2v2 Apomnp Rules   Mon Jan 21, 2008 4:33 am

1 ) Game mode -apnpom (allpick,no powerups,only mid).The picks will be in 1-2-2-1

2 ) Map played 6.49c.

3 ) Host will be decided on channel before game starts.Refs can host too,if necessary.
If a team complains about lag in the first 10 minutes of a game and wants rmk,the game shall be rmked.PAST that time limit,BOTH teams will have to agree to have rmk.If opponents dont agree,game will go on.
So teams that will lag,have in mind to say that EARLY ON,if u can play on or not.

4 ) In case of disconnects,if a disc happens durin the first 20 min of a game,the game can be rmked even if opponents dont agree.
Teams are not obligated to pick the same heroes in rmk,they can agree to either pick same all,or freely pick any other hero/heroes they want.
When a disc happens AFTER the 20 min mark,in order for the game to be rmked the opponents will have to agree.Otherwise,it will be continued on 1 vs 2(dont think its so harsh,20 min is much,plus sometimes 1 can beat 2).An opponent can(but doesnt HAVE TO) leave to balance the game on 1 vs 1 state though.Also,the player that lost his teammate can keep usin him in the game freely,he can keep items on him as they are and even build him on,or he can sell all of his items.But he CANNOT take any item from him.
In case of a ref disconnection durin game,and if he is the only ref in game,teams can keep playin and finish the game BUT one of them will HAVE TO post replay afterwards.

5 ) No first blood win rule,game will be over normally when throne/tree of life fall,or when a team decides to surrender.

6 ) Cheats of any kind are not allowed,if use of any cheat/hack is proven that team will be immediately disqualified

7 ) Pumpin/poolin is NOT allowed.Ofc rentin regen items or scrolls/wards IS allowed.

8 ) Startin gold will be as in a 5 vs 5 game

9 ) Replays from every game played will have to be posted here by REF(S),and ONLY by them unless there is only one ref in game and he disconnects.

10 ) All games will be played with at least 1 referee in.
ONLY refs are allowed to be in a game along with the playin teams,NO other can join and watch a game "live".

11 ) The contest channel where all should meet IN TIME for their games,will be channel "CONTEST".

12 ) In case of a team not showin up in time refs and their opponents have to wait in channel "contest" for at least 25-30 minutes.After that time has passed,a free win is declared.If the team that was late appears durin that waitin time,ofc the game will be played.

13 ) In case of a team havin only ONE player online(not even the backup) there will still be a 25-30 minutes waitin time for his teammates to come.If they dont show up,a free win is declared.The one and only player online,CANNOT call someone else to play in his registered friends' place,and he also cannot start and play alone.

14 ) Since its only mid game,any kind of backdoorin is NOT allowed as it would change things a lot.

Bane elemental.Team that picks bane is automatically DISQUALIFIED.

1) Only ONE arcane ring allowed per team
2) Only ONE meka allowed per team
3) Only ONE euls and ONE guinsoo allowed per team.Ofc this means the one who will make the euls,can make it to guinsoo later on
4) Only ONE necro book per team
5) Only ONE refresher per team
6) Only ONE bloodstone allowed per team
Team that brakes these item restrictions is DISQUALIFIED
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2v2 Apomnp Rules
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